Incoming Freshman Students

In just a few short months, freshmen from all over the world will arrive on Tulane's campus for Move-In Day.  Whether you have just recently begun researching which hall could be your best fit, or you have already started picking out which posters to hang in your new room, you can learn more about all of your choices by watching video tours of the first-year residence halls here.

You will see that there is an option to suit pretty much every student's personality.  There are co-ed halls, a female-only residence hall, suite-style housing, and even academically-focused Residential Learning Communities with professors-in-residence.

As a reminder, enrolled students in the Class of 2020 are now able to access the housing application through their online Gibson Accounts.  Applications for incoming first-year students interested in a Residential Learning Community are due on May 15th, while it is recommended that all incoming first-year students submit their housing applications by May 30th.  Except for those students admitted to an RLC, all incoming freshmen will have until the end of June to finalize housing preferences and roommate selection.

Students will be notified about their room assignments by the end of July.

Current Student Room Selection

Room Selection is the process by which current on-campus Tulane resident students apply for and select a room for the next academic year. All current Tulane residents who would like to live on campus for the 2016-2017 academic year or are required to do so by the residency requirement must participate in Room Selection. There are three steps you need to complete in order to secure a room.
All students can access the new housing application here: 

Who needs to submit a housing application? 

Current students, including all rising sophomores and any juniors and seniors who want to live on campus.

Room Selection Timeline and Procedures:

  • February 15-March 15 - Housing application period for current students 
  • February 15-May 30 – Housing application period for incoming first year students 
  • March 23 – Students emailed their Room Selection date and time; Students applying to live in a Residential Learning Community informed of their application status 
  • March 30 – Last day to request roommates 
  • March 31 – Room Selection begins for juniors and seniors selecting spaces in Willow and Aron with other juniors and seniors 
  • April 5 – Room Selection continues for juniors and seniors living in any space and with rising sophomore roommates 
  • April 7 – Room Selection begins for rising sophomore students 
  • May 30 – Housing application for incoming first year students is due 
  • May 16 – Residential Learning Community applications are due for incoming first year students

Pulling in a Roommate:

  • On your housing application you will have the opportunity to request specific roommates by searching for them in the system. If someone has requested you as a roommate(s) you will notified via email. You will have the option to accept or decline that request. Your intended roommate must fill out a housing application to be able to select them. If you are the first from your group to submit your housing application you may need to log back into the system at a later time to select your roommates.
  • You can request roommates in the room selection portal up until March 30.
  • When the first roommate in your group logs in to the room reservation system during their designated time and selects the space they would like, the room reservation system will automatically place the requested roommates into the coordinating spaces. The other roommates will not need to do anything further to reserve their spaces They should to log into the system and double check that they have been assigned into the correct space.
  • If you are selecting to live in Residential Learning Community (RLC) you will only be able to select roommates that have also selected the same RLC.

Room Selection – Where would you like to live next year? 

Housing and Residence Life, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 865-5724