Moving in

Fall 2016 Residence Hall Move-In

The Housing & Residence Life staff are excited to help you make the most of your time while at Tulane. We've developed this guide to give you advance information about move-in day and help answer questions about your first few days on campus.

We believe that living on campus is the best way to get you connected to all of the things that our campus has to offer and will help you find success at Tulane. As part of our commitment to improve the living experience for our residents, we've been busy this summer making improvements to our residence halls including updated flooring, safety enhancements, updated furniture, and other behind the scenes maintenance to improve overall quality of life in the halls. 

Please take time to become familiar with the information in this move-in guide so you and your family can have a smooth transition to Tulane University this fall. 

You will receive a packet of information in the mail that will contain move-in maps, your move-in pass, shipping labels, and information about events happening during Fall Welcome.

We'll see you soon – Roll Wave!

Move-In Day

  • First year students move-in on Friday, August 26th. Students will be e-mailed a move-in time slot with their room assignment in July. 
  • Returning students move-in on Saturday, August 27th starting at 8:00 a.m.

Before you get here

  • Read the Code of Student Conduct and become familiar with rules and regulations at Tulane University: 
  • Review the Housing & Residence Life Community Living Standards. All students living in the residence halls are expected to read and follow these standards:   
  • Consider protecting your belongings with renter's insurance  
  • View your room assignment and roommate(s) by logging-in to your student account via Gibson Online and opening the Housing Portal (available in late July) 
  • Contact your roommate(s) and start discussing items you want to share and bring for your room. Consult the list of prohibited items in the Community Living Standards before making any decisions. 
  • Keep in mind: the shared space in your room can only fit so many belongings. Plan to bring only what you need for move-in and pick up additional necessities when you arrive in New Orleans. 
  • Keep checking your Tulane e-mail for important information regarding move-in day and don't forget to save your move-in pass that was mailed to your permanent address. 

Alternate Arrival Times

The deadline to submit an early arrival request has passed. No additional requests will be granted.

In order to provide an organized and unified experience for first-year students and their families on move-in day, a very limited number of early arrivals will be allowed move-in before their contracted move-in date. Students who will be allowed early access include new incoming international students who are participating in International Student Orientation, Orientation staff, move-in volunteers, and student-athletes participating in required activities for their fall sport.

Names of students who are participating in approved pre-opening programs will be submitted to Housing & Residence Life by that program's sponsor. Questions regarding inclusion on the list, dates, times, etc. should be directed to the program advisor/sponsor. Individual early arrival requests may be submitted in writing only to no later than July 15, 2016. 

Requests should include the student's full name, ID number, and a detailed explanation for the request. Individual requests will be granted only in cases of extreme hardship and are subject to a $150/day fee; please be prepared to make alternate plans.

Students who are returning to the halls for another year may move-in early by volunteering for the TU Move Krewe using the link sent to them via their Tulane e-mail address.

Packing List

You Should Pack/Ship:

  • Twin XL sheets
  • Twin sheets for Sharp
  • Mattress Pad
  • Towels
  • Pillows and Blankets
  • Clothing
  • Hangers and Organizers
  • Medium or Small-sized TV
  • Computer
  • Non-Halogen Lamps
  • Dehumidifier
  • Ethernet / Cable cords
  • Room Decor
  • Shower Footwear
  • Dishes and Utensils
  • Storage Containers
  • Flashlight

You Should Not Bring:

  • Refrigerators / Microwaves (MicroFridge provided)
  • Amplified Sound systems
  • Cooking appliances
  • Weapons (or ammunition)
  • Candles, incense, etc.
  • Drugs and illegal substances
  • Alcohol
  • Halogen / Octopus lamps
  • Air conditioners
  • Hookas or other smoking devices
  • Pets that aren't fish
  • Nails / Screws
  • Waterbeds

Anything that could be considered a safety concern, could cause facility damage or may be disruptive to other students should not be brought to campus. Students found with prohibited items during move-in will be asked to dispose of the item and may be subject to disciplinary action through the student conduct process.


Keep in mind that liquids and gels do not ship well. We recommend that you hold off on purchasing cleaning supplies, laundry detergent and other liquids until you arrive in New Orleans


The average room size in first-year halls is 12ft x 15ft for two people. Plan to bring only what you need for move-in and pick up additional necessities after move-in day. Talk to your roommate(s) before you ship items to prevent double-buying. Keep in mind that University furniture cannot be removed from your room.


Housing and Residence Life, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 865-5724