sharp_mainsmSharp Hall

This coed hall is exclusive to first-year students and is named for Robert Sharp, who became president of Tulane in 1913. 

Sharp is L-shaped, with seven floors on one wing and four on the other wing. The large connecting lobby area is the living room of Sharp Hall and the hub of activity for the community. Within the lobby is a pool table, large screen TV, and front desk.

All rooms are double occupancy with several community bathrooms on each floor. The rooms have standard twin beds with stationary bolster cabinets above, chests of drawers in the closets, and study lamps above the desks.


Sharp Hall Room Condition Report - click here 


Amenities & Other Details


  • Sharp Hall Floor Plan*
  • Social Lounges
  • Study Lounges
  • Vending Machines
  • Kitchen
  • Communal bathrooms are sanitized daily by UGL Services - 504-865-8424
  • 1 Microfridge is provided for each room
  • Laundry facilities are located on the first floor - there is no charge for laundry
  • Students are responsible for cleaning individual rooms
  • Area desk is located in the first floor lobby of Sharp Hall - 504-865-5747
  • Area Director for Sharp Hall - Jesse Weber  -

*Please note that due to recent renovations, facility upgrades and/or conversions, the floor plan may have a limited number of mislabeled rooms. If you have questions, please e-mail







Room Dimensions


  • Wall to wall along window opposite main door
  • Metal chair: 48 in wide, 22 in deep to the window sill, 26 in deep to the wall
  • 4 drawers (inside): 15.5 in wide, 17.75 in deep, 3.5 in high

Shelf (above desk)

  • 16 in from desk to bottom of shelf with fluorescent light underneath
  • 39.25 in wide, 4 in high, 12.5 in deep to the wall

Shelves (on wall above desk)

  • 2 shelves (height between shelves and width of shelf over the desk will vary)
  • 39.25 in wide, 8 in deep

Half Wall (separating desk and bed)

  • 48 in tall, 4.25 in wide, 28.5 in deep

Bolster (above bed)

  • Hinges across top, doors open upwards
  • 80 in wide, 10.5 in deep on top, 12.5 in deep on bottom
  • 3 compartments (each has a door), 26.5 in wide (each), 10.5 in tall (each)

Bed Frame

  • Standard twin mattress
  • 78.5 in long, 37 in wide, 12 in from the floor
  • Support bars on side of bed
  • Head and feet bars 8 in from floor
  • Sides 5 in from floor

Towel Rack

  • On the side of the closet above bed
  • 24 in wide, 2.25 in from wall


  • No doors
  • 52.25 in wide inside, 26 in deep
  • 1 hanging bar
  • Cabinet 13.75 in from top
  • Main compartment 70 in from floor
  • Chest of drawers inside: 29.5 in tall, 18.25 in wide, 22 in deep
  • 4 drawers: 14 in wide, 17.75 in deep, 5 in high

Main Door

  • 33.5 in wide (peep hole)
  • Average width between door and closets 25 in (may vary)


  • Between main door and closet
  • 23.75 in tall, 20 in wide


  • 66 in high, 29.75 in from window to the floor, 11ft 5 in wide
  • Opens 3" - 6" for safety reasons


  • 3 electrical outlets
  • 1 phone jack
  • 2 Ethernet/2 cable connections, box only on one side of the room
  • Regular overhead light just inside main door, for closet
  • Fluorescent light overhead inside the room

Housing and Residence Life, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 865-5724