Most students choose to ship their belongings to campus before they arrive. This is a convenient way to bring numerous or bulky items to campus.

As a new on-campus resident, you will receive a 4-digit campus mailbox in early August with shipping instructions.

If you are flying into New Orleans, you might want to ship a portion of your belongings to Tulane in advance. If so, please ship only those items you will need upon arrival (10 box maximum). Other items can be shipped to you at anytime. Mailboxes and package pickup is centrally located but quite a distance from some of the residence halls. Be sure to ship boxes small enough that you can manage them by yourself. We find boxes weighing less than 40 lbs. and smaller than 24"x24"x24" are the most manageable. During move-in weekend activities the campus mail room often has student volunteers and ample handtrucks to help facilitate physically moving students' boxes back to their residence hall rooms.

In early August, each student living on campus will receive instructions from Mail Operations with their campus mailing address, as well as information about when and how to ship belongings and packages to campus. In this letter Mail Operations will provide students with the earliest date that they will accept packages. Any packages received prior to this date will be returned to the sending address due to storage space limitations. 

Helpful information for packaging and labeling packages being mailed to students:

1) Do NOT include the students Residence Hall Name or Room number anywhere on the package.

All packages are received in the mail room, and students pick them up at the mail room. Packages are not delivered to the students residence hall. Including this information on the packaging may result in a delay in processing the incoming package


2) The Campus Mail Room is open Monday through Friday from 9am - 4pm. 

Please plan accordingly when preparing and shipping packages. Paying for overnight delivery to have a package delivered Saturday morning will not et it to your student on Saturday morning as there is no mail operations on Saturday. 

3) We recommend using common carriers such as Fed-Ex, UPS, or the United States Postal service.

Use shipping options that provide tracking information for your package and the option to purchase additional insurance for valuable items

4) All items must be addressed as follows:

Your Full Name # (your unique four-digit mailbox code)
NEW ORLEANS, LA 70118-5645

The last three lines are all capitalized. No alpha characters should appear with the "#" sign, i.e., "Box", "Slot", "MP", "MB", or "PO". Mailbox codes are different than room numbers. Room numbers should never appear anywhere on your mail or boxes. Boldly marking the sides of your box with your mailbox code improves handling time.



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tulane University Mail Operations at or 504-865-5709

Housing and Residence Life, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 865-5724