If you are experiencing thoughts of self-harm, just want someone to talk to, or are otherwise in need, please call The Line at 504-264-6074. 

Student Affairs - Inspiring Student Success

Multicultural Career Development Series

Tulane offers a series of workshops and events co-sponsored with the Career Services Center as an effort to expose students to career related activities.

Through interactions in the classroom and in social life, this series tries to engage you in critical dialogue on issues of commonality and difference to help you meet the career and societal challenges you will face in a changing world. Our programs will assist you in adapting to diverse interactions and new circumstances, help you think creatively across differing frames of reference, apply your academic discipline to your personal extracurricular/campus/social experience, and develop your skills for promoting new areas of academic inquiry. These programs promote dialogue that will encourage you to explore relevant social theories and modes of critical thinking in order to advance your ability to promote institutional/social change.



Career Café

Designed for students who wish to interact with people currently in their fields of interest as well as time to meet with and discuss options for post-secondary education. 

This student-lead discussion group is designed to provide students with a forum for discussion on one of the most vital and critical issues we face in contemporary society – racial and ethnic prejudice and bigotry. As students prepare to become leaders and new professionals it is important that they learn how to recognize, combat, and address discrimination. It is even more vital that they become aware of their own deeply rooted prejudices that we all carry so that we may all learn how to prevent prejudice from becoming racism or discrimination. The face of American is rapidly changing and thus makes understanding the perspectives on ethnicity, race and culture significant to the learning experience of all students.

Resource Library

Housed in the OMA, it contains everything from financial aid information to magazines, videos and career resources geared toward the specific needs and interests of underrepresented students.

OMA's mission is to be a support system for students - this includes when they believe they have been treated unjustly with respect to their identity at Tulane University. Our primary role as advocates is to make sure that student concerns are heard and to help students determine what course of action is available to them to resolve their concerns.

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