The Department of Housing & Residence Life is excited to help facilitate Tulane undergraduate students with moving off campus.  We understand that the life of an off-campus student can be very different from that of the typical college student. We realize that you have many more responsibilities outside of your role as a student. Many of you work, have families, and have other obligations you have to balance. You certainly have unique challenges, and we are here to help make your college career a little smoother.

On our site, you will find resources, useful information and events that can aid you with your transition from on-campus living to off-campus living.  Some of our off-campus students have told us they sometimes feel disconnected, unsupported, uninformed and alone living off campus. We are here to help ease those anxieties with links to resources, programs and services designed provide you with many opportunities to connect and get involved in campus life.

The off-campus community that surrounds Tulane is student-focused and friendly.  Most housing is within easy biking or walking distance of campus, and our University bus system serves most of the city, so most off-campus housing is within a few blocks of a bus stop.

Take time to check out our web site and the many programs and support services we provide. As more off-campus students become aware of our office, we would like to create additional programs and services to meet your needs.  If you have any ideas that would improve the life of an off-campus student, let us know.  We hope to develop different resources to assist you and welcome the feedback.  Please stop in and visit our office on the first floor of Irby Hall (across from Bruff), call us at 504-865-5724, or drop us a line at  

We look forward to working with you.


One Wave,

Ryan Jasen Henne
Associate Director, HRL


Off-Campus Housing, as part of the Department of Housing & Residence Life, aims to help facilitate and cultivate student transitions from on-campus living to off-campus living.

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