How much does it cost to join Alpha Lambda Delta? e membership in Alpha Lambda Delta if my grades drop?


National lifetime membership dues are$25. Local chapter dues for Tulane are $30, which provides funding for chapter expenses. 



Can I lose membership in Alpha Lambda Delta if my grades drop?


No.  Although Alpha Lambda Delta encourages academic excellence throughout your collegiate career, once you have met the criteria for membership in Alpha Lambda Delta and have been initiated, your membership cannot be taken away.  ALD seniors who graduate with the required GPA (usually 3.5) receive a senior certificate acknowledging their achievement. In 2004, the National Council did approve a change in the bylaws allowing chapters to remove from membership any members who had been found in violation of their school's academic honesty policy.The Tulane chapter reserves the right to exclude those members who do not attend meetings, events, or service days. Although you will no longer be included in the local chapter, you will remain a member of the national chapter.


How do you choose members?

Tulane's ALD receives a list of eligible members from Tulane's registrar. This includes all freshmen girls who fulfill our requirements.

Is Alpha Lambda Delta going to sell my contact information to other companies?

 No!  Alpha Lambda Delta respects your privacy - we will never sell your private information to or share your private information with any third parties.  The National Office does not retain any of your personal information in our files.

How is your executive board chosen?

in our Tulane ALD holds election at the end of each year to choose the next year's exec. board.

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