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Dream Scholarship Fund

Twenty percent of Hondurans are illiterate. And that number is even higher in the Merendon Mountains, where less than 30 percent of working children complete primary school and realize their dreams to become nurses, mechanics, and teachers. That’s why we have pledged scholarships to 21 students from needy families in Merendon. Each scholarship costs $250 and will be applied toward the cost of backpacks, uniforms, books, and other supplies for the year.

We need your help raising $5,250 by December so we can distribute supplies for the start of the academic year in January. Whether you fund a complete scholarship, or just part of one, you will receive updates for a specific student as well as letters and pictures as long as you continue to support the scholarship program, which we hope to expand in the future.

For more information on the Dream Scholarship Fund and how you can donate, click here to download a PDF of our print campaign.

Denis Osman

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