Elections for the 2014-2015 Executive Cabinet of the Undergraduate Student Government will be held March 17th-18th. Intent to Run packets are due at 5pm on March 10th to and Check out the election packet for more information. 

USG Committees

Most of the work of USG happens in its committees.  Bills and legislation are discussed and amended, student life concerns are addressed, new student organizations are officially recognized, student organization budgets are created and much more.


Awards and Elections Committee (AEC)

Runs all of the USG elections including the Executive Cabinet elections and the senator-at-large elections.  Also administers the Crest Awards given out by USG.

Chair: EVP Samantha Cooke

Student Body Administrative Council (SBAC)

Administers all USG-recognized student organizations - recognizing, activating, and deactivating student organizations, placing organizations in councils, and setting student organizations policy.  This committee is made up of USG Senators and the student organization Council Chairs.

Chair: VPSO Olivia Patsos

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee creates the budget for every student organization that is eligible to receive USG funding.  Budget hearings are usually held in March and April for the next academic year.  The Finance Committee makes a budget recommendation to the USG Senate, which approves the overall operating budget.  The committee also hears all reallocation, travel, and reserve requests brought by student organizations.

Chair: VPF Nathan Gu

University Affairs and Student Concerns (UASC)

This committee works to improve the lives of students by working with university administrators on issues of student life. 

Chair: VPSL Marianna Brady


Undergraduate Academic Concerns Committee (UACC)

UACC works with deans and faculty to address the academic concerns of undergraduates.

Chair: VPAA Cutter Uhlhorn


Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee works to publicize the issues being discussed by the student government and other issues important to undergraduate students.  This committee is also responsible for the USG website, Facebook page, and Twitter. 

Chair: Director of Communications Peter Haskins


Constitution and Bylaws Review Committee (CBRC)

CBRC works to ensure that the constitution and bylaws of USG and its committees are up-to-date and reflect the best interest of the student body.

Chair: EVP Samantha Cooke

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