Intervention Inventory 

Members of the coalition have assembled a compendium of interventions designed to address the prevention of gender-based personal violence across a number of populations and at a number of levels on Tulane's campus. It is designed to expand and evolve with the passage of time. 




Brief Description



Sexual Violence Prevention & Education Committee (SVPEC)


Serves as an interdisciplinary team of Tulane University senior-level administrators, faculty, staff and students who address the problem of sexual violence and misconduct among the student population.

Lindsey Greeson, Director, theWELL

theWELL, CAPS, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs, NCI, Student Conduct Office, Office of Institutional Equity, Faculty Senate, School of Public Health, Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services, SAPHE, TUPHE

Title IX Steering  Committee


Meets biweekly to review individual cases and monitor Tulane's compliance with Title IX, VAWA, and other state and federal legislation and regulations.

Erica Woodley, Title IX Coordinator and Assistant Vice President, SRSS

Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services, SRSS, Tulane General Counsel, Office of Student Conduct, Office of Institutional Equity


Bystander Intervention

A comprehensive bystander intervention program that seeks to mobilize the Tulane community to a culture of safety, and a community of engaged and proactive bystanders that do not tolerate violence.

Maeghan Livaccari,  Assistant Director, theWELL

theWELL, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs, Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services, NCI

My Student Body

Online Program

A prevention education course intended for incoming students. It covers the three most significant behavioral risks new college students face: alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs, and sexual violence.

Lindsey Greeson, Director, theWELL


Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline & Education (SAPHE)

Departmental Student Organization

Student organization that operates a 24/7 confidential hotline regarding all issues that surround sexual aggression. SAPHE is an active ally against sexual violence prevention on campus.

Julia Broussard, Coordinator, Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services


Tulane University Peer Health Educators (TUPHE)

Departmental Student Organization

Advocates and facilitates healthy lifestyle choices, personal safety, and personal wellbeing.

Lindsey Greeson, Director, theWELL


Living Well @ TU


The Sunday before school starts, TUPHEs and staff from the Division of Student Affairs train all incoming freshmen on bystander intervention skills.

Lindsey Greeson, Director, theWELL

Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services, theWELL, Housing and Residence Life, Student Conduct Office, Orientation

Sex Signals


A performance by an outside group for First Year students. They aim to reduce violence by artistic, innovative, research-supported programming.

Julia Broussard, Coordinator, Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services

Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services, Orientation

Shifting the Paradigm


Hosted by SVPEC, this roundtable event brings together faculty, staff, administrators, and students to discuss their unique roles as change agents in the prevention of sexual violence.

Health Communication Subcommittee, SVPEC


Sexual Assault Awareness Month: April


In the United States, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). The goal of SAAM is to raise public awareness about sexual violence and to educate communities on how to prevent it.

Campus Wide Programming Subcommittee, SVPEC

SAPHE, Vagina Monologues, TUCP, TUPHE, Interfraternity Council, Student Affairs, theWELL, NCI, CAPS, Campus Health, Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services

Take Back the Night: October


Loyola,Tulane, UNO, Xavier and Dillard students, faculty and friends join New Orleans community members to raise awareness of sexual violence.

Sally Kenney, Executive Director, NCI

SAPHE, Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services

Clothesline Project: April


Addresses the issue of violence against women by providing a vehicle for the women to express their emotions by decorating a shirt.

Julia Broussard, SAPHE advisor


Vagina Monologues: April


A stage production based on different women's experiences and connections to womanhood that is part of the larger VDay movement.

Sally Kenney, Executive Director, NCI


The Center for Wellness & Health Promotion (theWELL)

Tulane Student Affairs Department

Devoted to engaging Tulane in the work of creating a healthier campus, building individual capacity for health and advocating for students in times of crisis. Sexual violence is 1 of 6 of their health content focuses.

Lindsey Greeson, Director, theWELL

Campus Health

Office of Violence Prevention and Support Services

Tulane Student Affairs Department

A specialized office within the Department of Student Resources and Support Services. Their aim is to empower students who are victims and survivors of crime to make informed decisions in their recovery process.

Julia Broussard, Coordinator, Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services


Newcomb College Institute (NCI)

Tulane Department

Provides women-focused undergraduate education at Tulane.

Sally Kenney, Executive Director


Student Conduct Office

Tulane Student Affairs Department

Helps with prevention by managing all non-academic misconduct allegations that involve Tulane students.

Vanessa P. Rodriguez, JD, MA, Director, Student Conduct Office


Office of Institutional Equity

Tulane Department

Implements and monitors meaningful efforts to comply with Title IX. Partners in Title IX investigations and provides faculty/staff training.

Wendy Stark, JD, Director, Office of Institutional Equity

Division of Student Affairs, Office of General Counsel

CAPS Survivor Group Counseling

Tulane Student Affairs Department

Group counseling for survivors of sexual assault. Participants must be screened by a CAPS counselor and recommended for participation.

Donna Bender, Director, CAPS

CAPS, Campus Health

Housing and Residence Life: RAs

Tulane Student Affairs Department

Helps students with personal, vocational, social, academic, and general concerns. RAs are responsible for assessing student concerns and/or needs and directing students to the correct resources.

Danielle Klein or Kathryn McDonald; Associate Director, Residential Education


Fraternity and Sorority Programs New Member Education

Tulane Student Affairs Department

Seeks to provide comprehensive programming that ensures members of each organization live according to their values and in accordance with socially responsible values of the Tulane community.

Liz Schafer, Director, Fraternity and Sorority Programs


NCI Interns

Newcomb College Institute

Partners with staff members to create programming and projects that address power-based and gender based violence.

Laura Wolford, Associate Director, NCI


Athletics Life Skills Committee

Tulane Athletics

Provides athletes the skills to achieve academic success, health promotion, social responsibility, and general awareness.

Sue Bower, Associate Director, Athletics

theWELL, Athletics

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