English As a Second Language


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English as Second Language Endorsement

TPCP is now offering four courses that collectively will earn an "English as Second Language" (ESL) endorsement to any certified teacher in Louisiana state.   The first course, EDUC 3210, will be offered this fall (2014)

Why an ESL endorsement?  Schools are seeing an increase of students whose first language is other than English.  Teachers with an ESL endorsement are in demand. 

Not a teacher? An ESL background can be useful to those going into Peace Corps, working abroad on a Fulbright or with JET or for other positions working with diverse populations here in the United States or internationally.

The courses:

EDUC 3210 Methods for Teaching English as a Second Language (offered every other fall)*

This course focuses on first language and ESL instruction for all English Language Learners, especially elementary and secondary students (PreK-12).  Second-language instructional theory and practice, materials selection and development for ELLs, and bilingual and ESL literacy and content area instruction are covered within the context of a variety of language and program settings.

("How to teach ESL" course)

EDUC 3220 Structure of the English Language for Teaching (offered every other spring)*

This course explores the nuances of morphology, grammar, and semantics in English.  Various approaches to the English language are covered, but the emphasis is on the practical implications for effective teaching.

("How English works" course)

EDUC 3230 Language and Culture in the Classroom (offered every other fall)*

This course covers frameworks for understanding and analyzing language and culture.  Within these frameworks, the course considers approaches to enhancing the cultural dimension of ESL/EFL instruction with an emphasis on developing enriching cross-cultural interactions.

("How to study language and culture" course)

EDUC 3240 Curriculum Design for the Multicultural Classroom (offered every other spring)*

This course focuses on understanding the processes and social factors that influence second language learning in North America (particularly in the United States).  In addition, it examines the theoretical, historical, political, legal, and research bases for the education of students from linguistically and culturally diverse populations.

("Diversity and language" course)


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