Want to Teach

  Certification areas: 

   Early Childhood (grades PreK-3rd) *requires a total of 32-33 hours

   Secondary Education (6th - 12th) *requires a total of 29-30 hours

·        English

·        Mathematics

·        Social Studies

·        Science (physics, chemistry, biology)

·        Foreign Language (German, French, Spanish, Latin and Italian)

  Current Tulane undergraduates:

  • Complete a Tulane degree in a content field, not in education
  • Complete some TPCP courses while earning their undergraduate degree
  • Meet service learning requirements for graduation
  • Earn full admission to the program after bachelor's degree is finished
  • Complete final clinical after earning their undergraduate degree
  • Are eligible for a Louisiana Practitioner's License II upon graduation, which allows the candidate to teach full-time with salary and benefits while completing their final clinical experience
  • Upon completion of the TPC Program and meeting specific state requirements candidates can apply for a teaching license in their home state


  Post-baccalaureate candidates:

  • Can choose any certification area by passing the appropriate Praxis II content exam(s)
  • Can qualify for a Louisiana Practitioner's License II with admission to teach while taking the remaining TPCP courses
  • Full time teachers may be eligible for a 50% discount on tuition through the School of Professional Advancement (SOPA)
  • Gain experience in area schools

View post-bac admission requirements here.




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