Athletic Trainer Outreach

Our Athletic Trainers really can do it all.  They work hand in hand with our excellent physicians to provide you with the best quality health care in the gulf south. They are experts in the field of sports medicine and contribute in a number of different ways from administration, brace fitting, rehabilitative exercise, to on the field injury management.  Having a staff of Athletic Trainers is invaluable and is really what sets the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine apart in the global health care market.



Our Teams:

Private High Schools:

Public High Schools:




The Athletic Trainers of the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine provide outreach services to a number of area high schools. 

We provide:

  • Medical coverage for football home games

  • Daily or Weekly Athletic Trainer injury clinics on site in schools.

  • We work hand in hand with the Tulane Orthopedic department in providing physician coverage for many home events.

  • We provide walk in clinics for high school athletes Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings during the fall sports season.  No appointment needed.

  • Educational seminars for coaches and student athletes upon request.

  • Educational seminars for students interested in sports medicine.

  • Free annual high school sports physicals.

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