Education & Training Opportunities

The Division of Bacteriology & Parasitology is keenly aware that one of the four main components of the mission of the TNPRC is to provide training for postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduates, and visiting scientists. The appropriate training of scientists and veterinarians specialized in nonhuman primate research is of strategic importance to the future of our Center and that of the National Primate Research Center Program as a whole. Nowhere can such training be better accomplished than at the Centers themselves.

The Division has a long-standing track record of training post-doctoral fellows and graduate students. All past divisional fellows have successfully obtained further employment once their tenure at the Center ended. Types of employment that were sought and obtained included junior faculty positions, research scientist appointments both in governmental organizations and in industry, and senior postdoctoral fellowships. In the last five years, the Division trained five fellows. Three are currently on board.

In the main, divisional faculty members have served as advisors to graduate students from the Department of Parasitology of the Tulane Graduate School and from the Tulane Interdisciplinary Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCBP). The Center has participated in the MCBP since the program's inception, and a faculty member has continually served on the MCBP Steering Committee. The chair of the Division of Bacteriology & Parasitology has been, until recently, the TNPRC representative to the MCBP Steering Committee and is now the Center's representative to the newly created, all-encompassing Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences.

Capstone students from the Master in Public Health program of the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and undergraduate students from universities throughout the U.S. also have trained in the Division. The undergraduate students are part of the TNPRC Summer Student Training Program.

Several visiting scientists from around the world have spent weeks to months training in the Division of Bacteriology & Parasitology.

The TNPRC is a division of Tulane University (985) 871-6201