Community Advisory Board

On April 1, 2004, the Director, Tulane National Primate Research Center (TNPRC) created a permanent Community Advisory Board (CAB) to establish better communication with the local community in Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana, in relation to the activities of the TNPRC.


To create and maintain an atmosphere of public trust and confidence between the TNPRC and the community.


The Community Advisory Board provides an ongoing opportunity for the discussion of and sharing of information between the TNPRC and its various stakeholders.


The objectives of the Community Advisory Board are:

  • to provide guidance to the Director, TNPRC, on possible opportunities for enhanced communication, outreach, and community relations
  • to serve as a vehicle proactively providing accurate information to the community in order to foster a greater understanding of the activities of the TNPRC
  • to provide an ongoing forum for public input and a sustained information exchange
  • to convey information leading to mutual understanding on issues of public concern associated with the TNPRC.

Role and Responsibilities of Members

The CAB members are responsible for providing guidance on TNPRC activities that may have a real or perceived impact on the community; they review, as necessary, all activities, incidents and programs and providing feedback on concerns.

Committee Membership and Structure

The CAB is comprised of a balanced representation of the community consisting of at least ten and no more than twelve participants drawing one from each of the following stakeholder groups:

  • the local government
  • three neighborhoods in close proximity to the TNPRC
  • the business community
  • the medical community
  • the veterinary medical community
  • the educational community
  • from the community at large
  • and the COO of the TNPRC, who serves as Committee Chair

Terms of Appointment

Committee members serve for one-year terms and are replaced or re-appointed annually, with the exception of the COO of the TNPRC. The CAB will invite nominations from the community for members. Following a review of the nominations, nominated members will be recommended to the Director, TNPRC.


The Committee supplements the TNPRC's ongoing communications and interaction with the community, stakeholders, media, and regulatory agencies.

The Committee provides guidance on appropriate and effective ways of communicating with the community. This information is provided to the Director, TNPRC.

The TNPRC is a division of Tulane University (985) 871-6201