Division of Microbiology

photo: botsmall. Credit: Xavier Alvarez

Microbiology Dr. Antonito (Nito) Panganiban 

The Division of Microbiology consists of twenty-five members including eight faculty, one post-doctoral fellow, one research scientist, three administrative staff, eleven lab staff and one graduate student. Dr. Antonito Panganiban of Tulane School of Medicine is Interim Chairman of the Division.

The functions of the Division of Microbiology can be divided into three main areas:

  1. Research Programs
  2. Research Resources
  3. Education & Training Opportunities.
  1. The Division of Microbiology conducts basic infectious disease research using nonhuman primate models of human disease with an emphasis on: Microsporidiosis, Emerging Infection, Immunology of Aging, HIV/SIV Virology and Immunology, Next Gen Sequencing, Correlates of Viral Control, AIDS Pathogenesis, Mucosal Transmission, and Vaccine Development, Immunology, Origins of HIV, Tuberculosis, RNA Virus Replication and Pathogenesis, Emerging Viruses, Infectious Disease Aerobiology, Bioaerosols, Primate Models of Disease, Aerosol Science, Diseases of the Intestinal Tract, Mucosal Vaccines, Human and Simian T cell Leukemia Viruses, Varicella Virus, HPV, RSV, SIV.
  2. There are three Research Resources Cores in the Division of Microbiology:
    1. Infectious Disease Aerobiology Core
    2. Pathogen Detection and Quantification Core (PDQC)
      1. Diagnostic Unit
      2. Real-Time PCR Unit
    3. Virus Characterization, Isolation, and Production Core
  3. Education & Training Opportunities

The TNPRC is a division of Tulane University (985) 871-6201