Veterinary Medicine

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The Division of Veterinary Medicine is responsible for all aspects of care, husbandry and management of the animal colonies. This responsibility includes the provision of clinical veterinary medical care, development and implementation of the nonhuman primate enrichment program, maintenance and development of the animal records database, research support, and collection of biological specimens. The Division administers the Veterinary Resources program through eight individual units that work in conjunction to accomplish Division objectives. The units are the Office of the Chair of Veterinary Medicine, Clinical and Research Medicine, Collaborative Research, Animal Resources, Behavioral Management, Compliance and Training, Genetics and Genome Banking Core and Biotelemetry Core.

The Division consists of approximately 120 members including 13 full-time faculty, one laboratory animal medicine resident, veterinary and animal care technicians, enrichment technicians, laboratory technicians and administrative staff. In addition, the Division administers a Laboratory Animal Medicine residency program for veterinarians and trains approximately five veterinary student interns each year. The Chair of the Division is Rudolf P. Bohm, Jr., DVM, DACLAM, Associate Director and Chief Veterinary Medical Officer at the TNPRC and Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Tulane School of Medicine.

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