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Technical Support and Network Operations Center
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If you are experiencing problems with technology on campus, please contact the Technical Support and Network Operations Center by phone at 504-862-8888, by e-mail at, or online at


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Set up a Wireless Device

Eduroam for Students, Faculty and Staff
TulaneGuest for visitors


myTulane and Blackboard

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Security Software

Download free anti-virus software
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Gibson Access

What is VPN?

Posted: 04 Jan 2017

VPN, or virtual private network, is used to establish a secure internet connection between remote computers and a workplace private network across the public internet. When installed on a computer VPN software, known as the VPN client, communicates with a VPN server to establish a secure connection between the external computer and an internal network. A VPN connection builds a secure, digital tunnel around your internet traffic via encryption encapsulation ensuring no one can eavesdrop and view your internet communications. Properly configured VPN ensures the privacy and security of your internet traffic back to a private network. Your computer’s web communications are securely guarded as data travels to and from your computer to the VPN server.


Box is Changing

Posted: 16 Nov 2016

Box is Tulane University’s secure file storage and collaboration solution for faculty and staff. The Box team recently announced a new and improved user experience.


Tech Day 2016 Wrap-up

Posted: 06 Nov 2016

Tech Day always promises new information about educational technology as well as a slew of goodies for all who attend. Following is a summary of this year's event on October 6-7.


The Risks of Social Media

Posted: 18 Oct 2016

Social media has become one of the most popular uses of the internet today. Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit are just a few of the popular platforms available in cyber space. It is hard to go anywhere in public and not see a person on their phone Facebooking or Tweeting. It has become such a casual activity in our lives that sometimes we get careless and expose ourselves to the risks of social networking. Identity theft, loss of personal information and data, cyberstalking and stalking are just some of the risks that one can fall victim to through social media platforms.


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