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Videoconferencing can lower our carbon footprint by reducing or eliminating travel expenses for participants. Less travel can also save time and money. 

A range of available videoconferencing technologies offers several solutions to facilitate more subtle communication, document sharing, and the ability to record that is not possible via telephone or other audio-only communication methods.  learn more

Enabling the power management settings on your personal computer is a simple and painless way to save energy and money, and to reduce our impact on the environment.

Research shows that using power management settings wisely can save more than 600 KWh of electricity per computer, per year.  learn more

Recycling computers and other electronics is easy to do at Tulane and has significant benefits.

In addition to saving landfill space and preventing toxic materials from leaching into the earth, recycling saves the university costly disposal fees.  The members of the wider community who can effectively use less powerful or older technologies are given access to these recycled resources.  learn more

The Energy Star label is a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy that identifies energy-efficient models of most electronics and appliances. 

Energy Star products are a wise investment because they save energy and preserve the environment, thus reducing costs over the long-term.  learn more

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