Update for Wavemail users regarding Blackberry and Android Devices: Microsoft has fixed ActiveSync issue

June 21

WaveMail users with Blackberry and Android mobile devices who changed their connection settings in response to the ActiveSync outage earlier this month should return their device to the original settings:

We first received reports of issues with AciveSync in late May. Our support technicians contacted Microsoft and we were notified that, "Microsoft determined that the failing devices use a version of the ActiveSync protocol that is not fully compliant with the service. While this error is more common in one device than others, we have seen a wide range of mobile devices that are having the problem. No other email access method is affected, and compliant devices are able to connect without error. In our investigation we found that as part of recent service updates we (Microsoft) changed how we handle the ActiveSync client redirection/proxying in order to improve performance and network usage. The ActiveSync issue became more wide-spread as more users were moved on to the Service Update and when we made improvements last week (5/25) to the initial connection point,, for Exchange Online/Outlook Live."

At that time we were provided with a workaround which we have been using successfully. We have just been notified that Microsoft had resolved the issue.



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