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MediaNOLA and Mapping Historical Preservation

Vicki Mayer, Tulane University, Communication
Mike Griffith, Tulane University, ILC/English

April 18th, 2012 4pm
Howard Tilton Memorial Library Room 308

Refreshments to Follow

Given the imperialist connotations of mapmaking and the limited access to GIS technologies in a digitally divided world, the spatialization of communication history is entangled in questions of authority, social class, and status. To what degree can these masters’ tools, in the words of Audre Lorde, be used to dismantle their houses? This question implicitly frames MediaNOLA, a digital mapping and history project which has attempted to bring together university students, library archivists, and city residents in telling histories about the production of culture in New Orleans, 1880-present. This paper will explore the genesis and current challenges of making MediaNOLA communicate histories to and through these very different constituencies. Both in its means and its ends, MediaNOLA has illuminated how communication involves both transportation and transmission—something to consider in theorizing and implementing maps of cultural history.

This talk will cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of bringing a project of this sort to life.  We will talk about technological requirements, student pedagogy and community outreach.


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The Innovative Learning Center’s is pleased to open a call for papers for the Faculty Symposia on Digital Trends.  These symposia are designed to allow Tulane faculty and graduate students opportunities to refine both their pedagogical and practical approaches to technology.  We are soliciting abstracts for work-in-progress presentations on any aspect of technological pedagogy or research.  This is a perfect venue for collecting feedback from university peers who share an interest in the opportunities technology presents to our community and the large academic world. 

Digital Trends sessions take place in the ILC on the 3rd floor of Howard Tilton Library.  Presentations usually last between thirty minutes and an hour and are followed by a question and answer session and reception. 

Interested parties should contact Mike Griffith ( with a brief abstract or outline.

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