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Adobe's Creative Cloud comes to Tulane

Posted: 07/07/2014

Soon Tulane students, faculty and staff will have access to the Creative Cloud, a suite of software for image design, print and web publishing, video and audio editing, and more. Tulane has signed a three-year agreement with Adobe Systems to make Adobe Creative Cloud available to all faculty and staff for use on university-owned machines and public machines. Students will be able to use Creative Cloud applications on any publicly available machine (such as those in computer labs and Technology Commons).

Included in the Creative Cloud are:

  • Adobe Acrobat - software family dedicated to Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Photoshop CC - a photo and raster-graphics editor
  • Illustrator CC - vector graphics editor
  • InDesign CC - desktop publishing
  • Dreamweaver CC - combination code / GUI web development
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC - real-time, timeline-based video editing software
  • Adobe Edge Animate - build browser-based content using HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, and CSS3 instead of Flash
  • Adobe Audition is a digital audio editor
  • After Effects CC - digital motion graphics and compositing software
  • Adobe Muse CC - web development program that emphasizes webpage building for designers without a focus of writing code
  • and much more

New Features

Photoshop has a raft of new features including the ability to print to 3D print vendor Shapeways. Build, prepare, and view 3D designs. Perspective Warp lets you alter the viewpoint from which an object is seen and manipulate perspective in an image without altering the rest of the image.

InDesign has many improved features including support for EPUB 3.0 specification, new ways to make ebooks interactive and the ability to add pop-up footnotes.

We anticipate having download links available beginning mid-July. Training sessions are being set up now and registration will be available at

Please reference for updates on how to access the Creative Cloud, training sessions on campus and recommended training links.

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