An appropriate caption would be:  Instructional Technologist, Don Elbers, finishes programming one of the new technology classrooms completed during the fall 2012 semester

New Technology Classrooms

Posted: 12/12/2012

President Cowen's office has allocated $500,000 towards technology classrooms scheduled by the Registrar's Office.  This half-million dollar commitment to technology in the classroom is unprecedented.

Typically, Technology Services is able to install or upgrade 3 to 5 classrooms annually, but this allotment will fund 15 new technology equipped rooms as well as significant upgrades to 20 existing technology classrooms. 

Fourteen of the new 15 rooms have been completed already.  Work will resume over the winter break, and all work on these new and upgraded classrooms will be completed in June. Improvements and new additions include:

  1. Integrated AV presentation equipment in classrooms that previously had minimal or no technology
  2. Larger classrooms have been equipped with a built-in widescreen data projectors
  3. In the smaller, seminar style classrooms, large flat panel displays have been installed
  4. Introduction of HDMI digital connectivity to accommodate newer PC and Mac laptops
  5. Auxiliary input cables for connecting non-standard devices to classroom systems
  6. Classroom control units for coordinating AV equipment functions, simplifying user interface, and providing remote support
  7. Help line telephones installed in each room for rapid faculty support

This allocation of funds aligns with Tulane's strategic goals, and includes the creation of a new classroom technology support position.

Pictured above is Instructional Technologist Don Elbers, as he finishes programming one of the new technology classrooms completed during the fall 2012 semester.


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