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CryptoLocker Update

Posted: 04/03/2014

Technology Services has seen an uptick in phishing attacks involving CryptoLocker ransomware (see
As means to reduce future infections, we are blocking email with attachments of .zip archives that contain executable files.

It's imperative that you are aware of how to avoid infection. If you fall victim to CryptoLocker, there is no way to recover your data. The only viable remedy to a CryptoLocker exploit is to have a readily available, up-to-date backup.  

What should you do? 

1) Be especially suspicious of any .zip files attached to email that you are not expecting. 

2) Make certain you have an up-to-date backup of your files. 

3) Read this article to become fully informed:  

Contact our Technical Support and Network Operations Center at for more information.

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