Michael Dell and Charlie McMahon

CTO Charlie McMahon speaks at Dell World

Posted: 12/13/2012

At Dell's annual conference, Dell World, founder Michael  Dell introduced Tulane as one of the most highly regarded research  universities, and invited CTO Charlie McMahon onstage to talk about his  experience as one of Dell's Higher Education partners.

McMahon offered some insights about what Tulane has been  able to accomplish in partnership with Dell with regard to Tulane's Data Center  and network, saying, "It's not about doing more with less, it's about doing the  right thing for the institution."

Thanks in part to Dell, McMahon tells how we have been able  to extend the life of our data center for 10 years through virtualization.  Tulane has been able to reduce power  consumption and the physical footprint.

Also Dell has been a huge part of Tulane's infrastructure  simplification and quality of service for students who expect enough WiFi  across campus to be able to consume both educational and entertainment  resources.

See also, Information Week's interview with Charlie McMahon below.


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