Hunter Ely

Hunter Ely's take on 21st Century Emergency Management

Educause Southeast Regional Conference, May 29-31

Posted: 05/28/2013

This week Hunter Ely, Chief Information Security Officer,  will be sharing the stage at Educause with Jon R. Barnwell, the superintendent  of the Tulane University Police Department to discuss how Tulane Technology Services supports  emergency management during a crisis.   What is the intersection of information technology and emergency  management? 

The talk will center on Tulane's implementation of TOMS, the  Tulane Operations Management System, developed by Intrapoint Crisis Management  Solutions.  TOMS provides the software infrastructure  that enables the response team to operate quickly, efficiently, and proactively  from one central location.

Emergency management and recovery is challenging for all  institutes of higher education.  This  partnership between Technology Services and the University Police Department is  a natural collaboration that is worth sharing. 

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