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Hurricane Season

Technology Tips for Hurricane Season

Posted: 08/23/2012

The peak of hurricane season is approaching and now is a great time to make sure that you are prepared. Many of us are well acquainted with general hurricane preparedness such as keeping extra canned goods on hand or having a supply of bottled water. Here are a few tips regarding technology:


  1. Make sure that you are familiar with your department's Hurricane and Disaster Recovery Plan so that you know your role and responsibilities should a storm approach our area.
  2. Safeguard office equipment. In the event of an evacuation, power down desktop computers and printers, unplug them, and cover them with plastic. Move machines away from windows if practical. If your office is on a ground floor, make certain desktops and printers are off of the floor.
  3. Back up! Make sure you back up computer hard drives regularly. Make two copies. Use CD’s, flash drives, etc. Secure one in your office and take the other with you in the event of evacuation. Do a test recovery to make sure your backup is functional .
  4. Know the alternate contact info for co-workers (cell, instant message, Skype address, alternate email addresses.) Enter them into your mobile phone now.
  5. Make sure your mobile devices are fully charged and that you have the appropriate chargers available should you have to evacuate. Have an alternative plan to recharge your battery in case of a power outage. Make sure you have an adapter that can charge from an automobile. Consider purchasing a solar powered charger for your phone and laptop.
  6. Keep your wireless devices dry. Sporting goods stores have waterproof boxes and bags (check their boating area).
  7. Do not store data or your machine in your vehicle.
  8. Make sure you have all necessary passwords handy.
  9. Consider forwarding your (land line) numbers to your mobile phone in the event of an evacuation. Check with your phone carrier for instructions or see here:
  10. Add a quick link for  to your home page on your smartphone or tablet.

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