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Microsoft Office 2013 for PC Available Free for Faculty and Staff

Posted: 09/20/2013

Microsoft Office 2013 for PC users is available from e-Academy, and it’s free for faculty and staff for use on Tulane-owned computers. Should you rush to upgrade? Take a look at some of the new features:

Edit PDF files
You can now open and edit PDF files from within Word. PDF files can be saved as PDF or Word format.

Bookmark feature
Word and Powerpoint now have a bookmarking feature that remembers where you were working in a long document and gives you the option of going back to that spot when the document is reopened. In Excel you are taken back to the active cel upon reopening the spreadsheet.

Enhanced image placement capabilities
You may now drop photos into Word documents, place them wherever you want, and Word automatically flows text around the image. Users can also add online pictures and video to documents without first having to download those images.

Enhanced presenter view
New to Powerpoint is an enhanced presenter view that allows you to see the current slide as well as notes and the next slide in your presentation.

Touch Mode
You can toggle between Touch mode and Mouse mode in order to use Office 2013 applications with a touch screen enabled PC. Apps are optimized to be used with Touch mode or Mouse mode.

Mac users, don’t feel left out. A new version of Office for Mac is scheduled for 2014.

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