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Phishing with Snail Mail

Posted: 06/13/2012

It has come to our attention from another institution that  someone is attempting a new phishing attack.   A small number of people at multiple sites are getting physical mail,  not email, indicating a possible security issue they should be aware of.  Details are supposedly included on an enclosed  DVD.  Individuals targeted range from  upper management to researcher/student assistant. Nobody is safe.

The DVD contains an executable you are supposed to run that  contains the details.  In reality it  contains a Trojan horse that snaps a screenshot every few seconds and uploads  it to a remote command/control site. The malware runs as the user, and isn't  picked up by antivirus.

If you receive such a package, please contact with the  Information Security Office,,  or 988-8500, as soon as possible.  DO NOT  insert the DVD into your system.

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