The poemobile, a project of Citylore

Steve Zeitlin at Tech Day: Digitizing History

Posted: 09/13/2012

In his Tech Day address, Digitizing History, Zeitlin will discuss two histories – the history of the efforts to gather and disseminate the stories of ordinary people, and City Lore’s efforts to organize and disseminate oral histories and places that matter through the web, social media, and new technologies.

Steve Zeitlin is the director and cofounder of City Lore, an organization dedicated to the preservation of New York City's—and America's—living cultural heritage. City Lore documents, presents, and advocates for grassroots cultures to ensure their living legacy in stories, histories, places, and traditions.

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Pictured above: The POEMobile, a Citylore project. The POEMobile is a truck that shares the work of local poets by projecting in multiple languages onto prominent New York buildings while the poet performs below.

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