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Emergency Preparedness at Tulane

Posted: 08/24/2012

Recognizing the need for a cohesive robust emergency management system, the Office of Emergency Management  and Technology Services have partnered with IntraPoint Inc. to integrate and customize an incident management system for Tulane's needs. Tulane Operations Management System, also known as "TOMS" went online this summer. The foundation framework called Crisis Manager is used by energy, transportation, and emergency management entities around the world.

Over the years Tulane has expanded their management and communications capabilities by integrating multiple systems to coordinate events and manage daily operations. TOMS will bring those separate technologies together into one platform available anywhere there is an Internet connection.

"TOMS fills an important role in the University's compliance with NIMS and ICS  recommendations." said Art Kirkland, Director of Emergency Management, "This gives us a way to monitor, respond, and recover from incidents with more flexibility and greater communication between departments and the community."

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is the emergency management doctrine used across the United States to coordinate emergency preparedness and incident management and response among the public (Federal, Tribal, state, and local government agencies) and private sectors. The Incident Command System, or ICS, is a subcomponent of NIMS that is a set of personnel, policies, procedures, facilities, and equipment, integrated into a common organizational structure designed to improve emergency response operations of all types and complexities.

While the core of TOMS is incident management, the flexibility of the framework allows Tulane to expand the system for monitoring and coordination of all university operations.  Jon Barnwell, Superintendent of Public Safety said, "There is great potential for integrating TOMS with our daily operations and event management."  Public Safety, one of the earliest adopters of TOMS has worked closely with Technology Services to customize the system for their needs.

"IntraPoint came to the table with a feature rich environment that could be adapted to Tulane's higher education needs. We've only scratched the surface of TOMS' capabilities and we look forward to delivering more services and incorporating more departments across campus." said Jim Bradley, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology and Academic Computing.

Future services include a learning management component for users to get certified in the system, an integrated 'check-in' system for the Tulane community, and a specialized web site for broadcasting information to the general public directly from within TOMS.

For more information contact Art Kirkland, Director Office of Emergency Management at or (504) 862-8370.

Technology Services, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 -- TSNOC: 504-862-8888 --