The TSNOC launches today!

Posted: 07/01/2013

If you call or write for technical support today, get ready for an entirely new experience. The technician answering the phone, email or chat is a Tulane Technology Services employee located right here on the Tulane campus in the Technical Support and Network Operations Center (TSNOC).

Technology Services began developing the TSNOC over a year ago beginning with the hiring of Director Allie Hopkins. Hopkins directed the construction of the new facility housed within Technology Services at 1555 Poydras. New software was selected and configured to power a  much more streamlined system to help Tulane customers. Spring 2013 heralded the hiring of six new technical specialists to man the TSNOC from 7AM to 7PM Monday through Friday.

Much More than a Help Desk

"Providing tech support for 13,500 students and 4,400 faculty and staff is a formidable task," says Hopkins. "We needed to create a system that was much more than a help desk. We developed the TSNOC to closely monitor Tulane systems, troubleshoot and resolve problems before user productivity is affected."

The software that the TSNOC utilizes keeps track of a customer's entire support history, allowing the customer's type of computer, operating system, location and other pertinent details to be stored within the system. Tracking this information over the long-term will give technicians a more complete picture of the user's computing environment and allow for more efficient support.

Updated Knowledge Base

Part of building the TSNOC included a full audit of  the Knowledge Base (also known as the KB) that technicians use to help customers. The new Knowledge Base is now the product of many more Technology Services experts authoring knowledge articles. Technicians use their daily experience in resolving customer issues to update KB articles. Articles are automatically set to expire after one year, so that  information gets updated or discarded at that point. Customers can also suggest topics for knowledge articles and leave feedback on existing articles. The TSNOC portal can be used to search for knowledge from within the Tulane Knowledge Base, Microsoft, the Internet and a number of other sources.

Let us know what you think

If you contact the TSNOC for help, you will receive a survey once your problem is resolved. Help us improve our system by giving us your feedback about this new system and your candid evaluation.

For more about the TSNOC see

To reach the TSNOC for technical support:

  • Write
  • Call us. From the Uptown Campus call Monday through Friday 7AM - 7PM at 504-862-8888 or extension x8888.  From the Downtown Campus, call 504-988-8888 or extention 8-8888.  From off-campus dial 866-276-1428.
  • Search the Knowledge Base at
  • Go to the TSNOC online at

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