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Security Awareness for the 21st Century

Securing the Human

Technology Services is pleased to offer Tulane faculty, staff, students, and affiliates access to the SANS organization’s “Securing the Human” on-line program. This is a popular and helpful program that makes it easy to keep yourself safe online, to protect your data, and stay on top of security issues.

Securing the Human’s short and informative videos cover HIPAA, FISMA and FERPA standards as well as important topics such as Social Networking and Protecting Your Kids. These videos are helpful for anyone who uses a computer.

These easy to use training tools are available through the Training Wave at Gibson online:

  • Log in to
  • Click on "Training Wave" in the lefthand menu
  • Click on "Course Catalog"
  • All courses with Course IDs beginning with "TIS" are part of the Securing the Human training series

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