Technology Services provides e-mail accounts to all Tulane faculty, staff, and students.

The primary mail system is WaveMail, a partnership with Microsoft's Office 365 environment. 

Members of the Tulane community can access email via web browser ( or configure one of our supported clients. Search "Wavemail" or "email" in the Knowledge Base at for details.

Tulane Access Accounts

Employees are entitled to one account, which will provide access to e-mail and other systems. This account is automatically created by the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) when faculty and staff records are entered into the University's HR/Payroll system. Every employee will be entitled to one account/e-mail address. The departmental hiring manager is responsible for entering the personal information of the new employee into the HR/Payroll system.

Student accounts are created once a student has been entered into Banner as a matriculated student. Every matriculated student will be entitled to one account/e-mail address. The Admissions Office enters the personal information for the newly matriculated students into Banner.

Listserv Accounts
Technology Services also runs a listserv server which hosts e-mail lists for faculty, staff, departments, and student organizations.  To apply for a listserv account, visit and click on "Accounts." Scroll down to "Listserv Account" and fill out the required information.

Distribution Lists
Distribution lists are also available through Tulane's Exchange server.  For information about setting up a distribution list, please contact an agent at the Technical Support and Network Operations Center at

Resource Accounts
Faculty and staff may request a resource account (for example, a conference room) by contacting the Technical Support an Network Operations Center at  The request must include the following information about the resource:

  • The campus
  • The building
  • The department
  • The room (if it is a conference room)
  • The preferred email address and display name for the account
  • The name and e-mail address of the resource administrator
  • Whether the resource automatically accepts meeting proposals or not

The Technical Support and Network Operations Center agent will put in a ticket to a systems administrator, who will create the resource.

Alumni Email
Learn more about e-mail options for Alumni:

Email policies for WaveMail accounts




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