Fee-based Services

  • Classroom equipment lending
  • Non-classroom equipment lending
  • Lending daily rates
  • Production & post-production
  • Media duplication
  • On-campus broadcasts
  • Special event planning & services
  • Videoconferencing
  • Satellite downlinking

Classroom and Presentation Services

ATSS Classroom and Presentation Services is capable of providing a wide range of presentation, production, and broadcast related services for the Tulane community. Services in direct support of classroom teaching can often be provided at no cost, but other services will incur a charge. As these services are subsidized by the university, they can not be offered to non-Tulane affiliates.

Classroom equipment lending

  • Faculty in classrooms ONLY
  • No equipment charge
  • No delivery charge

A wide array of presentation and simple production equipment is available, free of charge, to faculty on the Uptown campus for use in regularly scheduled, credited courses. Schedules and staff permitting, equipment can be delivered to the instructor's classroom and retrieved again when the class is complete. When delivery is not available, the instructor or their designate may pick up and return the equipment to the equipment lending office. Delivery or pick-up options will be arranged at the time the equipment is scheduled. Please note that Classroom and Presentation Services personnel are NOT available to operate equipment during the class. For online reservations of equipment see our Reserve Equipment area.

Instructors are encouraged to become familiar with any equipment before using it for the first time. Classroom and Presentation Services personnel are available to demonstrate equipment, usually in our offices. Demonstrations can also be arranged in other locations.

Borrowed equipment is the sole responsibility of the person indicated on the check-out form. This individual is responsible for any equipment checked-out under their name, regardless of who may subsequently use the equipment during that particular check-out period. Repair or replacement costs for missing or damaged equipment will be assessed to the borrower of record.

Non-classroom equipment rental Tulane faculty & staff, ONLY (no students)

  • Daily rate, varies depending upon equipment
  • $15 delivery charge ($25 after 4:30pm)
  • $15/hr on-site support ($25/hr after 4:30pm)

Some presentation and production equipment is available for rental by Tulane faculty and staff for use in pursuit of university related activities on the Uptown campus.

Equipment rental is based on a daily rate. Available equipment includes:

Portable data/video projector $75
Projection screen (no charge w/projector) $10
Computer-Mac laptop $50
Computer-PC laptop $50
Video-VHS VCR $20
Video-Multi-Standard VHS VCR $25
Video-DVD Player $20
Video-Laserdisc Player $20
Camcorder-VHS (full size) $30
Camcorder-8mm/Hi8 $40
Camcorder-DVCam $75
Camera tripod (no charge w/camcorder) $15
35mm slide projector $25
Overhead transparency projector $20
Portable stereo (CD/audio cassette tape) $20
Portable PA system $65
Scan converter (1024x768) $25

There is a $15 delivery & setup charge for all equipment. This charge will be waived if the user elects to pickup and setup equipment themselves. For deliveries or pickups after 4:30pm, the fee is $25. Weekend support is usually not available.

On-site operation can usually be arranged, if requested, for $15 per hour, with a two hour minimum. On-site operation charges are calculated "portal to portal" (charges accrue from the time the equipment leaves the office until the time it returns). There are no additional delivery fees when using on-site operators. On-site operation fees after 4:30pm are $25 per hour.

Please note that this equipment may NOT leave the Uptown campus. It is also NOT available for rental by students or student groups.


Production & Post-production

  • Tulane affiliates ONLY
  • Half day production (4 hr max) - $350
  • Full day production (8 hr max) - $600
  • Post-production - $100/hr
  • Costs discounted for project based activities

Classroom and Presentation Services is capable of producing high quality, motion media material for nearly any purpose (Web clips, streaming media, videotape distribution, broadcast, etc). These services are available to Tulane affiliates ONLY.

Production rates are set at approximately half of the prevailing rate in the local production community.

  • Half day production - $350 (4 hour maximum)
  • Full day production - $600 (8 hour maximum)
  • Editing - $100 per hour

Note that when services are provided as part of a larger project, bulk discounts are often applied.


Media Duplication

  • Tulane affiliates ONLY
  • $10/hr + stock costs
  • No copyrighted material accepted

Classroom and Presentation Services has the capability to duplicate many different types of media and formats. Rates are $10 per hour plus the cost of the media stock expended to make the duplications. Users may provide their own media stock if they wish.

Available media and formats include:

  • VHS
  • S-VHS
  • VHS-C
  • 3/4" U-matic
  • Laserdisc
  • BetaSP
  • 8mm video
  • Hi8
  • DV
  • DVCam
  • DVD
  • More...

Standards conversion from or to NTSC, PAL and SECAM are also available.

No copyrighted material will be accepted for duplication – no exceptions.


On-campus broadcasts

  • $250 flat fee for up to 4 hrs of set up & monitoring
  • $80 for each additional hr
  • Does not include production costs, if any

Classroom and Presentation Services working with Tulane Network Services can transmit live audio and video from nearly any point on the Uptown campus to any other point on the Uptown campus equipped with a Tulane CATV (TUCAN) drop. This service is often used to setup spillover rooms or remote viewing sites for important campus events.

A campus broadcast feed will be set up, tested, and monitored for a flat fee of $250, four hours of service, maximum. Each additional hour will be billed at $80 per hour.

Please note that these fees and services are for the broadcast of an audio and/or video signal provided by the client. Classroom and Presentation Services can also assist you in producing your event, but these services must be contracted separately at an additional cost.


Special Event Planning and Services

  • Tulane affiliates ONLY
  • Initial consultation – no charge
  • $200 for event planning services (4 hrs max)
  • $60 for each additional hour (if necessary)
  • All services billed through ATSS; client receives single invoice from ATSS

As events and presentations on campus become more sophisticated and media oriented, ATSS Classroom and Presentation Services stands ready to help. We can assist in the planning, setup and operation of the presentation portion of your on-campus event. Specifically, we can assist with:

  • Public address audio
  • On-site image magnification (i.e., projected images of a live event)
  • Media playback and display
  • Remote broadcasting
  • Audio/video recording
  • And much more

We offer our basic presentation and event setup expertise, free of charge, to all campus event planners (up to two hours of consultation time). We will meet with your event coordinator, discuss your event presentation needs and help you devise a plan for conducting a successful event. We will also provide you with contact information for various recommended vendors and service providers. Armed with this information, most campus event coordinators can make their own arrangements and be responsible for their own events.

If your needs extend beyond the capacity of a simple consultation, Classroom and Presentation Services is available to work more closely with your event coordinator to plan and conduct your event. For a flat fee of $200 we will work closely with you during all phases of your event (for up to four hours of planning and production activities, $60 for each additional hour, if necessary). Please note that this fee is for coordinating and planning activities, only. All additional services, whether provided by Classroom and Presentation Services or contracted to an outside vendor, will be billed separately.



  • Tulane affiliates ONLY
  • IP calls - $40/hr
  • ISDN calls no longer supported
  • Additional $25/hr outside of normal business hours

Classroom and Presentation Services operates the Uptown campus videoconferencing or "compressed video" facility. A videoconferencing facility can be used to communicate in real-time with other users at similarly equipped sites throughout the world. The facility is useful for distant meetings, research consultations, thesis defenses and remote teaching.

The Tulane videoconferencing facility is operated on a cost recovery basis. Fees account for the cost of maintaining the equipment and operating the room. Rates are based on an hourly charge, with a one hour minimum and 15 minute increments thereafter. There is an additional $25 per hour charge for conferences scheduled outside of normal business hours.

A test call will precede all videoconferences to an unestablished site. Test calls usually last no more than 15 minutes. There will be no charge for the first test call, but if any subsequent calls are required they will be charged at the prevailing rate. The Tulane videoconferencing facility is located in the Telecommunications Building, first floor, room 101. The room seats 12 persons comfortably. Up to 18 persons can be accommodated with some rearrangements. The videoconferencing facility is only available to members of the Tulane community.


Satellite Downlinking

  • Tulane affiliates ONLY
  • C-band and Ku-band available
  • $40/hr, one hour minimum
  • Charges begin with test time
  • Additional $25/hr outside of normal business hours

Satellite downlinking services on the Uptown campus are available through Classroom and Presentation Services. Programs can be videotaped for later viewing or can be delivered live via the campus cable television system (TUCAN) to viewing locations throughout the Uptown campus.

Satellite downlinking costs are based on a $40 per hour rate, with a one hour minimum. Charges begin with the teleconference test time, typically 30 minutes before the program begins. Satellite downlinks scheduled outside of normal business hours will incur an additional $25 per hour charge.

Arranging a viewing location is the responsibility of the client, though Classroom and Presentation Services can help identify suitable locations. A viewing location must have an active Tulane CATV (TUCAN) drop, a television monitor and, if the program is intended to be interactive, a telephone connection.

Both C-band and Ku-Band broadcasts can be received.

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