Software Asset Management

Software asset management is the process of managing and tracking your software assets.

How do I track my software assets?

See Additional Information or the Microsoft SAM Step-by-Step animated training.

You can use this Excel spreadsheet as a software database.

What is a Software License?

  • End User Licensing Agreement
  • It gives you permission to use the software.
  • You do not own the software.
  • EULA (End User Licensing Agreements) are different from license to license and vendor to vendor
  • The license and the installation CDs may be two separate items

When it comes to software licensing, there are some main points to remember:

  • 1 license = 1 computer
  • Licenses are required for each computer, general rule but there are some exceptions
  • The 80/20 rule does not apply
  • All licenses are NOT the same
  • License agreements from the same vendor will vary
  • License conditions can change when you download software
  • Licenses apply NOT ONLY to software but also apply to music, sound files, pictures, fonts and even DLL files!

Software Piracy

The unlicensed and illegal use of software. Additional information.

Software Inventory


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