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Faculty and Staff can download Windows 7 free, for use on Tulane owned computers.

Download Windows 7

Windows 7 Upgrade

Microsoft is eliminating support for Windows XP after April 2014. Windows XP has simply reached a point where it has become increasingly difficult to integrate with new systems and to maintain securely. We encourage all campus departments to move to Windows 7 soon, either by upgrading to Windows 7, or purchasing new equipment. 

Technology Services can assist in this process, which includes checking to see if each machine has a single core or dual/quad core processor. Machines with single-core processors cannot be upgraded and need to be replaced. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for lab equipment and computers that do not access Tulane's network or the Internet.

Please note Windows 7 is available as a free download for Tulane owned Faculty and Staff computers. Visit for your free software download.

Frequently Asked Questions

My system works just fine. Why do I have to bother upgrading to Windows 7?
Because Microsoft is no longer offering support for Windows XP, no further security patches will be forthcoming. This makes Windows XP a very insecure product. Computers running XP and connecting to the Tulane network make every user on the network vulnerable.

I think I can handle upgrading on my own. Do I have to purchase Windows 7?
Windows 7 is free for use on University-owned computers. Download Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise at

Why aren’t we upgrading to Windows 8?
Windows 8 is incompatible with our encryption system and a number of our administrative systems, so we can't green light its use on University-owned computers. Windows 8 is fine for student use – students don’t require encryption and typically don’t need access to administrative systems.

Are there any exceptions to upgrading?
There are isolated cases in which specialized research equipment/software will operate using Windows XP only. In these cases, Technology Services will take other measures to isolate these machines in order to protect the Tulane network. All other machines are required to upgrade to Windows 7.

Printable guide to the end of Windows XP Support (PDF)
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