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  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • Canvas
  • CDWG
  • Dell
  • e-Academy
  • Learning Objects
  • Lynda
  • SAS Institute Inc.
  • Sharestream
  • SPSS
  • Turning Technologies

On our campus we are constantly surrounded by technology yet we never really take the time to explore the seamless relationship between the academic and the technological.  Tech Day is an opportunity for the Tulane community to come together and celebrate the technology that makes life on our campus what it is.  It is a day of toys, tech, food and fun.  We will have academic and technical presentations as well as games and door prizes.  Come learn about the new trends in technology and education with presentations from our faculty and the vendors that provide us with the technology you use every day.  Tech Day is free and open to the public, make sure to register for a chance at some of our amazing door prizes.

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This year we are pleased to have Instructure (the creators of Canvas) as our marquee sponsor. As we are in the process of transitioning the campus Learning Management System to Canvas, Instructure has offered to join us for several events during the day including a breakfast discussion and Jared Stein's Keynote.  We are looking forward to a long partnership between our organizations.


Keynote Speaker: Jared Stein
Jared Stein

Open for Good: How Open Education Can Grow Innovation and Change Lives

Teaching with online technology lets us "thin the walls" of the classroom, opening up students' access and perspectives to the wide world of people and resources. This finding and reusing digital resources is central to open education, but the stories you'll hear in this session suggest that holding openness as a foundational philosophy enables much more. Learn how openness encourages innovation in technology, content, pedagogy, and program development, and re-imagine how far the work of students and faculty can extend.

Jared Stein is the VP for Research and Education at Instructure.  Stein's mission is to improve pedagogy through the incorporation of technology.  In his words, "We want to make teaching and learning better and easier. We do that by understanding the secondary research, asking questions about how people use educational technology, and conducting new research. Within Instructure, our work helps Product, Marketing, and Sales make the right decisions. We also reach out to the education community, evangelizing the good work that educators do with our products, and explaining how research informs our business."  Jared is with us to discuss the potential of the Canvas platform and the new relationship between Tulane and Instructure.


Also presenting:

  • Adobe
  • The Technology Services Leadership
  • Sharestream - Video Streaming 
  • Apple
  • Turnitin
  • Pete Simonson, Gwen Chavez and Angelica Leonard - GL, Grants and Requisitioning 


Door Prizes Extraordinaire!

All of our vendors are contributing fantastic prizes to be given away.  This year's prizes include:

  • Dell Notebook (2)
  • Apple iPads
  • more...

Register here.  Each session you attend is another chance to enter and win.



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