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TechWave Spring 2016

Technology Keeps Police Officers Mobile Throughout Campus

How does information technology help prevent crime and assist in keeping the Tulane campus safe?

TUPD on bicycles

Technology Services works closely with the Tulane University Police Department (TUPD) to keep them on the cutting edge in the use of investigative tools, body cameras, surveillance and dispatch systems. The past year has been especially transformative in introducing new technology to TUPD. 

Mobile Units

Newly implemented mobile technology allows officers to maintain their presence and visibility on campus where they are most needed. Each officer in the field has access to new Surface Pro tablets (referred to as Mobile Units), allowing them to be more mobile. In the past, officers submitted their calls via radio to dispatchers, necessitating that a dispatcher be on the other end of that call. Mobile units save officers time by allowing them to submit information directly to an online system. The mobile units allow officers to run license plates and background checks and connect to the National Crime Information Database while out in the field rather than requiring them to go into the central office or wait for another officer at central to retrieve that information. Officers can also submit reports while out in the field rather than having to return to desktop computers at headquarters. The mobile units also provide GPS location data, so at any given time dispatchers know the location of all officers. This provides an added measure of safety should officers become incapacitated while out in the field. 

Body Cameras

Body cameras were adopted in mid 2015. Footage from these cameras provides an accurate depiction of the interaction between an officer and the public. Having this footage removes some of the “he said/she said” aspect of reporting and provides an additional layer of information for any incident. 

Upgraded video system and expanded
number of call boxesSenior Support Analayst Chris Woods, Sergeant Roger Barnes and Sergeant Olive Daw

An upgraded video system provides surveillance for Uptown, Downtown and Primate Center campuses and is used extensively to gather information when investigating an incident. The video system is also tied into the emergency call boxes visible around campus. Technology Services Camera Specialist Antoine Young is overseeing a significant expansion to the surveillance camera and call box system. New digital dispatch system The digital dispatch system communicates over the internet resulting in better interconnectivity between TUPD and other law enforcement agencies. Analog radio systems are limited in range – this new digital system allows TUPD to be plugged in to a wider range of law enforcement entities. 

New reporting system

Newly deployed software integrates reporting for the mobile units, dispatch and police reporting into one system. Police reporting and statistical reporting is less cumbersome and time-consuming, making crime analysis information easier to retrieve. 

Technology enhances safetyTUPD Superintendent Jon Barnwell displays one of the mobile units in use by the Tulane University Police Department

TUPD technology is on par with that of local and state law enforcement, and having compatible systems allows better communication across the board. “Better reporting, increased mobility, and enhanced video monitoring are three ways technology enhances safety for Tulane affiliates,“ says Chief Technology Officer Charlie McMahon.

For more info on TUPD see

Photos: top to bottom:
Mobile units allow TUPD safety officers like Caleb Smith and Lawrence Garrison to submit reports from the field, allowing them to be mobile more of the time

Senior Support Analyst Chris Wood and Sergeant Roger Barnes observe TUPD technology in use with Sergeant Olive Daw in the dispatch center. Chris is one of two Technology Services employees dedicated to TUPD technical training and software support.

TUPD Superintendent Jon Barnwell displays one of the mobile units in use by TUPD.
(Photos: Sheldon Jones)

Network Registration to Begin

Many faculty and staff use Ethernet cables to connect their desktop and laptop computers to the Tulane network, and Technology Services is preparing to introduce registration for these devices. This will enhance network security by allowing us to know what equipment is accessing the network. Network registration will bring our Ethernet connections up to the same level of security as our wireless connections. We’ll activate the registration portal building by building beginning in early Summer and completing by the end of 2016. All devices plugged in to the network via Ethernet cable will need to be registered in order to access the internet. Registration will be good for one full year. This includes devices such as Apple TVs, Roku boxes, and the like. Please direct any questions to

Service Catalog GraphicNew Items in Service Catalog

The Technical Support and Network Operations Center has been busy adding items to the Service Catalog, and we want to share those with you. Users can access the Service Catalog at for a wide variety of items including, but not limited to:

• Qualtrics Accounts 

• Wordpress Accounts 

• Static IPs 

• Adding a TA to a Blackboard course 

• Firewall Exceptions

• Adobe Creative Cloud Requests 

We have a growing list of Service Catalog items. Simply go to and click on “Order Things.” Alternatively, users can browse the Knowledgebase or contact the TSNOC agents by email, chat, or view the phone number to call. Many services we have are available online. Visit

Skype logoMicrosoft Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync) is Tulane’s fully HIPAA compliant videoconferencing solution. Skype for Business is available as part of the Office 365 subscription for Tulane students, faculty and staff. Installation instructions here:

PC -

Mac -

Use OpenDNS Umbrella for Off-campus ComputingOpenDNS logo

OpenDNS Umbrella is a cloud-delivered network security service that blocks advanced attacks, malware, botnets, and phishing threats through use of the Domain Name System (DNS). OpenDNS Umbrella is deployed on the Tulane network, and during peak periods OpenDNS has blocked over 140,000 requests to malware sites within a 24-hour timeframe. The OpenDNS Umbrella roaming client is now available for free on e-academy. Installing this client protects your computer from harmful sites when you’re away from the Tulane network. Your machine can be protected while on your home networks, coffee shop wi-fi — anytime you’re away from campus. OpenDNS Umbrella is free for students, faculty and staff and available to install on laptops and home desktops.

To download OpenDNS Umbrella

  • Log in to with your Tulane username and password
  • Enter “OpenDNS” in the Product Search field
  • Add to cart and follow instructions

Questions about OpenDNS? Write

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