Grand Challenge Winners: Adapt-N

Adapt-N is a highly scalable nitrogen technology solution that offers benefits for farmers, consultants and fertilizer retailers while effectively addressing multiple environmental concerns. The tool reduces inefficiencies in crop nitrogen management by getting farmers to apply the right N fertilizer rate for a particular production environment, while also facilitating the use of other beneficial technologies like better N application timing, cover cropping, optimized irrigation scheduling, and use of enhanced efficiency fertilizer products. 

Team Members

  • Art DeGaetano
  • Greg Levow
  • Jeff Melkonian
  • Steve Sibulkin
  • Holly Trytten
  • Harold van Es

Adapt-N uses software models, real-time weather information, and local soil and crop management factors to daily monitor a field zone’s nitrogen status and derive an optimum nitrogen rate recommendation. It was developed at Cornell University and licensed for commercial use by the start-up company Agronomic Technology Corporation, and has already seen some industry adoption. 

The tool is Cloud-based and accessible through any internet-connected device, as well as through other commercial farm data platforms (agX , Agrian and FieldAlytics). It provides transparent and instructive results on simulated nitrogen processes through tabular and graphical outputs which support positive management changes with farmers, like better timing and rates on N application.  

Adapt-N has scientifically proven its “win-win” capabilities: higher nutrient use efficiencies and producer profits combined with reduced environmental impacts, as independently acknowledged by the Environmental Defense Fund’s NutrientStar program. 

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