There is no single solution to efficient fertilizer use and protecting water quality. A systems approach to sustainable nitrogen management is needed. Team Cropsmith proposes a blend of soil chemistry, microbiology, agronomy, and data analysis to determine the best practices for fertilizer N for efficient corn production. 

Team Members

  • Tim Smith
  • Doug Kremer
  • Jacob Vossenkemper
  • Ryan Williams
  • Jeffrey Rieck
  • Ed Graham
  • Jonathan Norvell
  • Quentin Rund

Their system includes: 

  1. A novel soil test to determine the N supplying power of the soil
  2. Innovative new products to reduce N loss and enhance biological N fixation
  3. Agronomic recommendations that adapt to corn production regions and farmer risk management strategies
  4. Data analytics to help farmers and their consultants customize N applications to fit the particular needs of a field

This approach faces the fact that N management is a complex issue, and a systems approach is the best solution for economic and environmental sustainability.


Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000