About the Award

A single award of $1,000,000.00 United States Dollars (USD) will be awarded to the Team that can meet the Challenge Rules and can best:

  • Demonstrate the maximization of nutrient delivery efficiency and enhance yield in a trial agriculture production setting; and

  • Showcase how the innovation can be adopted in a real-world agriculture system of management to reduce the amount of nutrients available to move downstream.

We expect the winning innovation will succeed as a market driven solution and the wining team, as well as all competitors, will reap many benefits above and beyond the Grand Prize. 

Challenge Definitions

"In-Field Solution”
An in-field solution (whether that is a technology, additive, application technique, decision system etc.) operates on and within the agricultural field itself. It does not operate at the edge of field, nor downstream of the field. 

"Beta Trial"
A beta trial is the second phase of the evaluation. In the first phase, technical submissions are evaluated for effectiveness, logistics of implementation, and market applicability. In the second phase (or beta trial) the selected solutions will be tested on a small scale in field testing platform to evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented solution. 

"Market Sustainability Testing"
Market sustainability testing is defined as a description of the market that the proposed solution is being sold in. The testing component would show how the solution has been tested in the market in which it is desired to be implemented in, including what the market is, where it would be adopted, the size of the market, and the sustainability of that market. Sustainability is defined as the duration to which the market will accept and hold value on the proposed solution. 

Scaleability is defined as the ability of the solution to scale in production and implementation. Scaleability highlights how the technology can be ramped up to cover 1) a production increase, and 2) whether it is adaptable to larger field circumstances (e.g., can operate from sub acre scale to 10,000’s of acres scale).

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