The Tulane Nitrogen Reduction Challenge was planned into two separate Phases, as outlined below. We awarded the final prize in December 2017.   

Phase I

Phase 1 of the Challenge included initial registration followed by a technical submission round. The Challenge received 77 registration forms (10 International – Australia (x2), Brazil, Canada (x2), Chile, India, Ireland, Israel, Singapore) with 59 Teams having completed registration. 43 Teams, or 71% of completed registrations, were invited to compete in the Technical Submission. The Challenge received 31 completed, competitive Technical Submissions by the September 30, 2016 deadline. From those 31 Technical Submissions, Finalist Teams were selected to compete in Phase 2 of the Tulane Nitrogen Reduction Challenge in 2017.

Phase II

Phase 2 of the Challenge began in March 2017, during which the Top Finalist Teams tested their proposed innovations in a real-world setting. Phase 2 of the Challenge concluded in December 2017 with the announcement of the $1 million winner

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