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Tulane Magazine

March 2017

Raising Consciousness
Some scientists reject consciousness study outright, arguing that there is no mystery to consciousness—the brain creates the mind, end of story. To explore consciousness is to invite scientifically unprovable concepts such as higher powers, miracles and intelligent design. But philosophers say, wait a minute, there is much more to discover about how we understand and experience the world. By Faith Dawson

Amped Up
Computer scientists are in the thick of the hot field of artificial intelligence. They touch lives in all kinds of ways—from programming ethics into self-driving cars to interpreting how the brain reads sounds. By Leslie Carde

Tech-Savvy Hero
Forever famous in New Orleans Saints’ lore, Steve Gleason (B ’11) never backs down from a challenge, not even a diagnosis of ALS. He now strives to find and develop new technologies to live life fully.  By Carolyn Scofield