Newsletter - May 2011


knowledge stop TUWellness and UnitedHealthcare cordially invite you to join us for a webinar about Smoking Cessation on 


 Thursday, May 19


 Tuesday, May 24

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm  


Seminar Summary:

This program presents participants with helpful ways to stop smoking and invites them to choose an approach that best suits their personality and lifestyle.  


Seminar Highlights: 
  •  Learn factual information about the hazards of smoking and the benefits   of quitting.  
  •  Explore practical tips and activities that prepare participants to begin a smoking cessation program. 
  •  Understand the stages of the quitting process and identify their present stage.
  •  Learn about smoking cessation techniques demonstrated as the most effective by current research. 
  •  Make a personal plan to stop smoking.    

The seminar is open to all, but a RSVP is required to receive the information for the webinar. 

To RSVP click here

June Knowledge Stop: "Food in the Fast Lane" webinar on June 7 and June 15  


Another great event by Workforce Management Organization and TUWellness!

 Living Well in Louisiana Update

Living Well in Louisiana, the first program in the Active Lifestyle Stop, wrapped up on April 15.  There were 166 participants in this program and these participants walked an average of 162 miles per person over the 12 week program. 

Those that participated and logged activity for 60 of the 82 days of the program were eligible to win a $100 bank card*. TUWellness would like to congratulate the following winners chosen at random from those eligible:

ActiveLifestyleStopAmanda Stewart – Capital Projects 

Betty Gutierrez – Accounting Office

Cheryl Dempsey- Pediatrics

Cherie McLain- Endocrinology

Charlton Starcke -Epidemiology

Cathy Willard- Heart/Vascular Institute

Denise Woltering – Latin American Studies

Catherine Hunter – School of Business

Linda Ledet – Gene Therapy Center

Louis Mayer – Environmental Health and Safety

Lisa Musso – Gene Therapy Center

Lisa O'Dwyer – School of Business

Lijun Tan -Biostatistics

Maria Montgomery- Accounting Office

Gwen Chavez - Controller

Haini Yu - Biochemistry

Hong Nguyen – TUHSC Financial Services

Jeannette Thompson Howard Tilton Library

Jessica Eiermann – TNPRC Gene Therapy

Janell Stevenson – School of Business

Judy Vitrano – Institutional Budget Office

Nancy Hartzog- TNPRC Pathology

Orin Fosberg – Mail Services

Rachel Redmann – TNPRC Microbiology

Rachel Unger- School of Business

Shokufeh Ramirez – Community Health Science

Shaun Thacker – TNPRC Veterinary Medicine

Tessa Williams – TNPRC Microbiology


Look for the next program in the Active Lifestyle Stop to start on July 11!


The Healthy Diet Stop Update

Dr. Timothy Harlan, also known as Dr. Gourmet, presented a three week nutrition lecture series on the downtown campus from March 24- April 7.  It was a great lecture series with new and interesting information on nutrition.  Forty-four Tulane faculty and staff attended all three sessions and earned $25* in the Streetcar to Better Health campaign.  Look for the Healthy Diet Stop with Dr. Harlan at TNPRC June 3, 10 and 17 and uptown during the fall semester. 


* considered a taxable event.

Osteoporosis  Awareness

This month is National Osteoporosis Month and what better way to celebrate than to learn how you and your family can get strong bones! Here are a few things you need to know if you want to have strong bones:


CALCIUM & VITAMIN D ARE NECESSITIES3499451-food-sources-of-calcium-isolated-on-white--includes-milk-yogurt-almonds-cheeses-broccoli-salmon-and-

Calcium, which can be found in milk, almonds or broccoli, is important for the formation of strong bones, especially in children. Vitamin D, which can be found in the sun, tuna or egg yolks, is also essential for healthy bones because it absorbs the calcium.





Exercise, especially strength training, helps strengthen bones and muscles.










DON'T SMOKEHow_to_quit_smoking_today_4

Smoking increases bone loss and makes you an obvious candidate for osteoporosis. Quit!










If you drink more than two alcohol drinks a day, this may decrease bone formation and prohibit your body from absorbing calcium. 










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