Newsletter – February 2011


The-Knowledge-StopTUWellness and UnitedHealthcare cordially invite you to join us for a webinar entitled

"Why Diets Don’t Work" on

Friday, February 18 or
Tuesday, February 22
 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Seminar Summary:
We’re a nation obsessed with both food and dieting.  Consequently, it’s not unusual to experience the roller coaster effect that can accompany extremes of eating and rigid dieting.  This training program will address this concern by offering a nutrition self-assessment checklist, a hunger-fullness continuum, information around carbohydrates and protein, tips for eating out and a checklist to help determine if you need professional weight loss help.

Seminar Highlights:
-Understand the obstacles to losing weight.
-Learn about timing your eating.
-Explore nutritional components relative to weight loss, particularly carbohydrates and protein.
-Determine appropriate portion sizes to encourage weight loss
-Develop a plan for “sticking with it.”

The seminar is open to all, but a RSVP is required to receive the information for the webinar.

To RSVP click here

March Knowledge Stop: “Taking Care of Your Health Care” webinar on March 10 and March 16

Another great event by Workforce Management Organization and TUWellness!


tuwellnessLiving Well in Louisiana

The first program in the Active Lifestyle Stop is Living Well in Louisiana and it runs from Monday, January 24 to Friday, April 15. You can join at any point!  The Living Well in Louisiana Healthy Workplace Challenge encourages the Tulane faculty and staff to develop healthy activity habits.

In the Healthy Workplace Challenge you track your activity progress around Sherlock Holmes’ hometown of London, England and pick up clues along the crime trail. All steps and activity counts for this challenge!

What is the Incentive?
$100 gift card*! In order to be eligible for the gift card you must record your steps and/or minutes into the website at least 60 days of the 82 day program.
Of those eligible, 28 people will be chosen to win the gift card.

How to register as an Individual and join Team TUWellness:
1.    Go to and click on Not registered?
2.    Click Agree to the End User Agreement
3.    Complete your Profile, Challenge, Contact and Personal Information
       a.   Choose Healthy Workplace Challenge
       b.   Use your Tulane email under contact information
4.    Click Save and Continue to go to the Healthy Workplace Tracking Page
5.    To Join Team TUWellness:
       a.   Click Join in the Teams box
       b.    Put your mouse over TUWellness.
c.    When the box appears  click Join
d.    Type in the password: tuwellness.
You are now added to Team TUWellness!

*Gift card is considered a taxable event.


Are there really calories that might actually help you lose weight? When participants in a research study ate oatmeal for breakfast, they consumed 30% fewer calories at lunch, compared with those who ate sugared corn flakes. Most people skip breakfast, figuring they'll save calories, however breakfast should provide 25% of your total calories.


 Why You Don't Want to be a SKIPPER

 Why You Want to be an EATER

SKIPPERS have a greater rate of being
overweight than EATERS

Studies show daily EATERS live longer

Lack necessary energy for an efficient

Great easy way to boost your fiber

By the end of the day breakfast skippers
do not eat less calories and could
possibly eat more

It will BREAK the FAST of the night,
helping to jump start your metabolism

You are more likely to snack, & most
snacks are high in calories, fat, sugar, and
low in nutrients

EATERS make better food choices
throughout the rest of the day

Skippers are less efficient both mentally
and physically, therefore you burn fewer

Puts a smile on your face, breakfast
makes you less irritable and ready to face
the day

Excuses you should no longer accept:

I don't feel like anything and I don't know what to eat!
Check out the examples below.
I don't have the time!
If you woke up 20 minutes earlier, would you really be any less tired?
Prepare in advance the night before to cut down on time.
I am not hungry!
In time your body will adjust and will learn to be hungry again in the morning.


                                                                                Healthy Breakfast Choices

 1 ½  cups oatmeal with 2 tbs. brown sugar

 376 calories

 10 g fiber

 10 g protein

 1 cup high fiber cereal, 1 cup skim milk and a banana

 355 calories

 16.1 g  fiber

 20 g protein

 2 whole-grain waffles, ½ cup low-fat yogurt and ½ cup berries

 320 calories

 8.5 g fiber

 12 g protein

 8 oz yogurt, ½  cup low-fat granola, and 1 cup fruit salad

 385 calories

 5 g fiber

 17 g protein

 2 egg whites, 2 oz turkey, 1 oz cheese on 1 WW English muffin

 335 calories

 4 g fiber

 33 g protein

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