Newsletter – March 2011


The-Knowledge-StopTUWellness and UnitedHealthcare invite you to a webinar entitled "Taking Charge of Your Health Care"

Thursday, March 10 or Wednesday, March 16
 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Seminar Summary:
Are you still trying to understand today's complex health care system? This program offers information and suggestions you can use to make good health care decision for you and your family.

Seminar Highlights:
-Determine what to ask when selecting a doctor.
-Learn to understand the language of today’s health care.
-Receive suggestions for preparing for a doctor’s visit.
-Explore how to get the most from health care.

This program is not meant to address selection of company benefits or their interpretation.

The seminar is open to all, but a RSVP is required to receive the information for the webinar.


By attending 7 of the 10 scheduled monthly seminars or webinars you will receive $25 at the end of the year as part of the Streetcar to Better Health campaign!

April Knowledge Stop: “How to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Workplace” seminar:
Uptown April 12, Downtown April 14 and TNPRC April 21

Another great event by Workforce Management Organization and TUWellness!


TUWellness Streetcar to Better Health - Healthy DietTUWellness is proud to announce The Healthy Diet Stop: Downtown Campus

Join Dr. Timothy Harlan (aka Dr. Gourmet), Medical Director of Tulane Hospital and Clinics, for a three-week series on eating great food that's great for you. This series is a comprehensive look at today’s state of the art nutrition research and a guide on how you can apply the best evidence to your daily life.

Weekly Topics and Dates

Week One - Thursday March 24, 2011
•    The Mediterranean Diet is an American Diet: How Eating Familiar Food is Eating Healthy
•    Eating better: It's not just about weight loss!
•    Guess what? Fats, carbs and fiber are good for you. But, what about calories & cholesterol?

Week Two – Thursday March 31, 2011
•    Reading Food Labels and Portion Size
•    Alcohol, Desserts and Snacks: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (and Some Surprises)

Week Three – Thursday April 7, 2011
•    Everything Else: Fast Food, Eating Out, Soda, Coffee, Vitamins and Supplements

Each session will be held in the School of Medicine Auditorium from 12:00pm-1:00pm.

Please RSVP by clicking here. Your attendance is encouraged at all 3 lectures. If you attend all 3 lectures you will receive a $25 incentive as part of the Streetcar to Better Health campaign.  This series will be repeated at both the Tulane National Primate Research Center (summer) and the Uptown Campus (fall).

TUWellness looks forward to seeing you there!

Meet the 2011 Senior Wellness Ambassador

tuw_ambassador2011_lance_queryI have volunteered to be the Senior Wellness Ambassador for the TUWellness program for 2011. Wellness is vital to my lifestyle, and it should be an essential aspect of the lives of Tulane’s faculty and staff.

Many of us deal with stress and other factors that can affect our wellness daily.   Now is the time to make a commitment to ourselves to make some strides toward better health. TUWellness has created a comprehensive plan to help the faculty and staff improve their wellness and earn some incentives with the Streetcar to Better Health campaign.

I challenge you all to become more aware of the offerings of TUWellness and participate in as many programs as you can in order to enhance your wellness in 2011!


On February 3, Lance Query, Dean of Libraries and Academic Information Resources and Senior Wellness Ambassador sat down with TUWellness to discuss how he maintains wellness in his life.  

What does wellness mean to you and why is it important to your life?

“Wellness is a lifestyle and state of mind.”  “Wellness is physical, mental and spiritual; the whole package.”

Dean Query has seen what a lack of health and wellness can do to people; both his mother and father were heavy smokers and died in their early 60’s. After seeing what they went through, he doesn’t want to end up with a similar outcome. Dean Query has been well his entire life, so well, in fact, that he hasn’t been sick a single day in his 10 years with Tulane! He is a believer that being well physically leads to being well mentally. He aims to help do whatever he can to keep the library staff healthy, since they deal daily with the stresses of work and the post Katrina construction.

What is your routine for staying fit?

“I am a squash addict.”

Dean Query plays squash three times a week for an hour after work at the Reily Center. He has played squash for over 20 years and has had the same partner for the past nine years. He depends on his partner to help keep him motivated and enthusiastic about exercise – he went so far as to say that if his partner died, he would be close behind! After their squash game, the two men walk a few laps to cool down and enjoy catching up on each other’s lives. Exercise is an amazing way to connect with others, and it helps to maintain your adherence to a routine.

What are your health goals?

“To die with my squash shoes on.”

Dean Query’s goal is to maintain a high quality of life as long as possible, including playing squash as long as he can. He strives to reach this by staying active, eating in moderation, managing stress and enjoying life.

Quit and Win

Are you interested in quitting smoking? TUWellness, in partnership with The Center for Wellness and Health Promotion, will be offering a six-week smoking cessation seminar to faculty and staff beginning on March 31.

Download this flyer for more information >>


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