Task Force on the Undergraduate Experience

This Task Force is being assembled at the request of President Fitts to ensure the undergraduate experience at Tulane is a leader for the nation in the coming years.

This is the charge to the Task Force on the Undergraduate Experience:

  1. Identify opportunities to strengthen how undergraduates engage with the university and each other.
  2. As part of this, explore the access students have to a variety of academic disciplines.
  3. Explore strengthening the honors program.
  4. Examine how to redefine the goals of the residential experience, including access and support for integrated living and learning, and what programs it would take to foster that.
  5. Fashion ways to enhance student counseling, health, and wellness initiatives in the strengthening of the undergraduate experience
  6. Optimize the role and impact of career placement activities in support of student and alumni accomplishment and fulfillment
  7. Examine the deepening of extracurricular opportunities.

The Task Force convened in December 2015 and its report is being reviewed by the President.

Report of the President's Task Force on the Undergraduate Experience