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This video is a time-lapse overview of the 2010 Tulane/FedEx student package move-in process from setup to break down. In the video you will see the setup and operation from two different angles. The video depicts one of four pairs of trailer platforms that distribute student packages during the move-in period.

Fall Move-In is a special period for student shipping and is coordinated by FedEx Office, Tulane’s authorized service provider. To assist in this process, please make sure your assigned address including proper mail code appears on all items sent to you. (click here for proper addressing format and shipping information)  

Do not ship items that are immediately required upon your arrival such as medicine or critical personal items.

We strongly recommend sending your packages via FedEx Ground or Express. FedEx is the Tulane University preferred shipping partner and our on campus FedEx Office is facilitating the Move-In process. There is a greater level of tracking capability as well as accountability available when you ship FedEx. Additionally, FedEx Office cannot accept responsibility for the condition of items received by non-FedEx bulk package delivery carriers.
If you are shipping FedEx Ground, please DO NOT mark your package RESIDENTIAL. This may cause a delivery delay. Mailboxes and package pickup locations are centrally located (see map below) but are a distance from the residence halls. Be sure to ship boxes small enough to manage by yourself. We have found boxes weighing less than 40lbs and smaller than 20x20x20 inches to be the most manageable. Always plan to pickup your shipped items as soon as possible.



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