Uptown Location

Visit Us:
105 Bruff Commons
31 McAlister Drive

Contact Us:
(504) 865-5709

Normal Uptown Mail Hours:
Monday to Friday
9:00AM - 6:00PM

Special Hours


Health Sciences Location

Visit Us:
802 Tidewater
1440 Canal Street

Contact Us:
(504) 988-5299

Health Sciences Mail Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30AM - 4:30PM


Connect With Us:
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All departments, faculty, staff and residential students are served by Tulane University's Mail Services. The uptown and Health Sciences campuses have centrally located mail centers to coordinate and provide services specific to each campus.



Mardi Gras Holiday


Mail Services will be closed from Saturday, February 25th through Tuesday, February 28th due to Mardi Gras Holidays.


Please note that due to citywide activities, access to campus for deliveries will be limited and subject to delays.


Full services will resume on Wednesday, March 1.

Students Leaving Campus (not returning in January for spring semester)

For students not returning to campus housing in January (either leave of absence or other reason), should complete a Mail Forwarding Form:

You must also return your mailbox key, or you will be charged a $60 replacement fee.

New Mailbox Assignments (Mailing Address for on campus students)

For new or returning students (from a leave of absence) to campus housing. You must complete a mailbox assignment form to either re-activate or re-assign you to a mailbox.

Please complete a Mailbox Assignment Form:

You will receive a reply with your mailing address and instructions.


Mail Services Uptown 105 Bruff Commons (504)865-5709 | Mail Services HSC 802 Tidewater (504)988-5299